Good Enough 4 U

Good Enough 4 U

Product Launch, Digital Strategy, Content Creation, Paid Advertising

The good enough 4 u campaign by BodyScience was a complete digital campaign based around the brands sporting partners, athletes and ambassadors, and focused on the supplements being not only good for world class athletes, but for the general public also.

Hype worked on the campaign with the BodyScience marketing team from inception of the campaign to execution over a 6 month period.

What we were involved in:

  • Brand discovery, digital strategy, campaign strategy and design, and all implementation and execution processes
  • All planning and execution of content creation for the campaign based around the brands sporting partners in the NRL, Rugby Union, Olympics and it's athletes and ambassadors.
  • Communication and management of assets with the brands major retail partners as well as assisting in brand activations at major events.
  • All social media management, including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube platforms.
  • Sales funnel and digital sales strategies and Facebook advertising execution.
  • Ambassador management
  • Website asset creation
  • Content creation for outdoor media campaigns
  • Working collectively with the brands PR agency

We were able to achieve the following results from this campaign:

  • Highest conversion rate: 1100%
  • Minimum weekly conversion rate: 640%
  • Increased web traffic by 44%
  • Increased website conversion rate
  • Grew their Facebook and Instagram pages by over 140%

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